Monday, June 1, 2020

Hawkman #23

   The latest Hawkman series started strong, finally sorting out the hero's long-muddled history, and setting him on a solid track.

    But the latest storyline has struggled a bit, with the time-worn "evil side takes over" bit, somehow tying into the "Metal" series (or was it Earth 3? I'm not sure).

   The one good thing to come out of it was the return of Hawkwoman (though how her appearance here squares with whatever she's been doing in Justice League, I haven't a clue).

   The new issue is also remarkable for a different reason. It's a "Past Lives" story - a flashback to a former life - and it's set in Spain in 1650. It was a time of plague, and we see Carter Hall - excuse me, Dr. Carlo Salon - doing his best to help those afflicted.

   So the question is, did the creative team manage to create this issue to tie it in to the COVID-19 dangers we're now facing - or did this just happen by coincidence?

   Wait, let me do a search... ok, I'm back. I'm not seeing any direct evidence that this was done in response to today's conditions, and since the issue was originally set to go on sale at the beginning of April, given the time it takes to produce and print a comic, this story is probably a coincidence. 

   Go figure! 

    It's a strong tale with great artwork and it seems to be getting the character back on track, so I'm all for it!

   Wash your hands and keep social distancing, friends!

Grade: A-



El Vox said...

Sometimes I think they need a new Crisis on Infinite Earth to re-fix the current DC comics continuity. Or maybe a limited series Alt-Crisis on Earth series for stories told back in the old days with all those old parallel earths. Grant Morrison would be good for that one. ;)

Chuck said...

I agree, although I suspect they'll find a way to mess it up. I still think the real problem with Crisis is that it didn't go far enough - same for Flashpoint and New 52 and all the other attempts to "fix" the DC Universe. Start over from the beginning, start with a new Action Comics #1, follow that with a new Detective Comics, all introducing the heroes as brand-new to a world that doesn't have heroes. Go from there and build a new DC Universe, unencumbered by old continuity. This will never happen.