Thursday, June 25, 2020

Avengers Empyre #0

   Ah, Marvel is wasting no time getting back into the "Event" business.

   On paper, the Empyre story sounds like it should be right in my wheelhouse. 

   The story of an alliance between two alien races - the Kree and the Skrull - hearkens back to the early days of Marvel, and the classic Avengers story now know as the Kree - Skrull War.

   The story finds the Avengers summoned to the Blue Area of the Moon (former home of the Watcher), where a third alien race has taken up residence - and is asking the team for help.

   The story uses elements from one of my all-time favorite storylines written by Steve Englehart in the '70s. 

   So I should love this, right? The art by Pepe Larraz is very good, with great character designs and loads of stylish world-building in evidence.

   And the heroes are even acting in character - Iron Man is thoughtful (he carries most of the narrative), Thor is his exuberant self, Captain Marvel and the Black Panther are analytical and efficient.

   But so far it's not quite working for me, though there's plenty of time to work it out - there are no less than 52 comics that tie into this series, which is probably about 46 too many. And no, I won't be buying all of them. Or most of them. 

   It's ambitious and epic - but the question is, will it merit such an investment of time and effort? Time will tell!

Grade: B+



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Anonymous said...

Bought this issue. Seems like a big train wreck. Sadly, the X-Men "Swords" saga looks even more goofy... #Sigh