Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Comics Again!

    Holy Moley, I was so out of the practice of picking up new comics on Wednesday that I neglected to post about my weekly purchases yesterday!

    Or I should say, "purchase." I only picked up a single comic yesterday, as the companies start to slowly gear back up again. 

   Here's what I picked up:

- Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #10 (of 12) - Tracking down a would-be murderer!

   And I received these comics for review:

DOCTOR WHO 13TH SEASON TWO #4 - The 10th and the 13th Doctor face the Weeping Angels!

KILLSWITCH #4 - Making a bid for freedom - on a comet!

LIVEWIRE TP VOL. 3 CHAMPION - What is the cost of freedom?

ZOMBIE TRAMP ONGOING #69  - That naughty Necronomicon!

   And that's it!

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