Friday, April 3, 2020

The Road Ahead

   So it's tough to keep the ol' blog going when there are no new comics being published.

   But hey, if I was a quitter I'd never have written in this space for more than 10 years (ok, 11 and a half).

   It was tempting to just fold up the tents and steal away into the night. I asked a friend his advice, and he said, "Go back to reviewing classic comics."

   For quite a few years I regularly mixed in reviews of comics from days gone by, and I'm not sure why I stopped doing those - but it's good advice. 

   So give me a day or two to get organized, and I'll start up some classic reviews, looking at fondly-remembered comics from the good old days - you know, when they actually published comic books.

   Hopefully those days will be back soon - but in the meantime, we'll do our best to keep thing moving forward.

   As always, thanks for your patience - and thanks for reading!


Rusty said...

Yeah - that's a great idea! I'm looking forward to reading some classic reviews.

BobbyNash said...


I would be willing to send you a ebook copy of Operation: Silver Moon if you'd like. You can see information on the graphic novel at

I would be happy to send you a copy.


Mr. Brooks said...

Keep the faith. If we can survive:
Superman Blue / Electric Boogaloo (plus mullet)
Jerk Cyclops
Jerk Damien Wayne
Ric Grayson
and making Barry Allen the dumbest hero in comics...

We will endure.

Keep the faith!

Chuck said...

Rusty, thanks- much appreciated!

Bobby, I'd be glad to see it - please send it to the email address on the right side of the page.

Mr. Brooks, you're right - the comic book industry has survived worse events than this (just ask Dr. Wertham)!

Thanks for the support, all - it means the world to me!

BobbyNash said...

On its way.