Monday, April 13, 2020

Fantastic Four #53 - Classic Comics

   Ten years ago I write this review of Fantastic Four #52, which featured the first appearance of the Black Panther.

   It's a great issue, but another comic that is a long-time favorite of mine is the very next issue, which provided an origin (mostly) for Marvel's first black hero.

   It's also loaded with over-the-top action sequences and a new villain who's still bouncing around the Marvel Universe.

   T'Challa, having mended fences with Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny (after duking it out with them last issue), reveals that he is the king of the hidden land known as Wakanda. 

    Using the secret resource known as Vibranium, he has crafted a kingdom with advanced technology, educated himself at the finest universities, and uses his Panther powers to defend his kingdom.

   He's been preparing for the return of the man known as Klaw - who 10 years before killed T'Challa's father. Klaw's return includes attacks by strange, giant, artificial animals - all red in color and destructive in nature - so the FF fights the creatures while the Panther confronts Klaw.

   It's amazing to realize how rich in ideas these stories are. Lee and Kirby throw out ideas on practically every page: secret kingdoms, mysterious metals, strange creatures, high-tech gizmos, and all in service to a story loaded with tragedy, nobility, a desperate fight, a story of revenge, and lots of humor and heart.

   In other words, a typical Fantastic Four story!

Grade: A




Billy Hogan said...

The Fantastic Four is my favorite Marvel title, with the Amazing Spider-Man a close second. My first FF issue was #39, when Daredevil teams up with them vs Dr. Doom. My first issue of Spider-Man was issue #42.

Chuck said...

Both great first issues! My first Amazing Spider-Man was #15, and my first FF - to be honest, I'm not sure. Somewhere around the early teens, I think.

BobbyNash said...

I am a long time F fan so seeing these reviews is a wonderful trip down memory lane.