Sunday, March 15, 2020

Marvel Snapshots: Sub-Mariner #1

   It's always nice when Marvel creates a comic that's just for me. 

   (And all the other fans with good taste, of course.)

   This series called Marvel Snapshots focuses on different heroes at different points in their timeline, and the first one focuses on one of my favorite characters: Namor the Sub-Mariner.

   This story is set shortly after World War II and centers on Betty Dean, Namor's first love interest, and deals with the burden those who fought in the war carried with them.

   The story is written by Alan Brennert, who captures the heroes of the era and advances their story in unexpected and emotional ways.

   The art is by Jerry Orway, with color art by Esper Grundetjern, and it's tremendous. Ordway is an amazing craftsman, bringing to life a real-world environment and populating it with characters that are filled with energy, life and purpose.  

   It's a terrific "slice of life" and great start to the series, which is being "curated" by Alex Ross (who provides the amazing cover above) and writer Kurt Busiek.

   I'm in!

Grade: A




Hoy Murphy said...

I want this a lot, but I will wait until I can get it in a collected format I can put on a shelf instead of sticking in a box.

Hoy Murphy

Pennsylvania Employment Lawyers said...

Everything from the Alex Ross cover to the pencils and inks inside to the story just fantastic. Just as I remember, from my youth. In the finest tradition of the Silver Age!!!!

Arion said...

I agree with you, Brennert's story and Ordway's art are absolutely amazing !!