Saturday, March 28, 2020

No One's Rose #1

   This comic might be a tough read for those who are under lockdown right now because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic.

   That's because No One's Rose is set in a dystopia future where the Earth has suffered a terrible disaster, and humanity is locked up in one of the only safe havens - a domed city that is nurtured by a gigantic tree.

   Life among those lucky enough to be inside the dome is divided among the worthy... and the rest.

   The story focuses on a brother and sister: Seren is a slacker who's always working an angle, and Tenn is a dedicated student working her way up the ranks.  

   For mysterious reasons Tenn decides to accompany Seren as he follows a secret path that will lead them to the upper level - a place only a chosen few are supposed to enter.

   It's an interesting story, if a big fuzzy in places (of course, they can't spell out everything up front), and the art is very good.

   It's a bit of a slow start as we learn more about the society and how this world of the future operates, but it's an interesting premise, even if it hits a bit close to home right now.

Grade: B


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