Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Rai #1

   Back from a hiatus, Rai is a hero of the far future - possibly the only hero, since Magnus Robot Fighter no longer belongs to Valiant (if I recall correctly).

   Rai saved the planet from the threat that had taken over the orbiting nation, New Japan - but the only way to stop it was to bring it all crashing to the Earth, causing a worldwide disaster.

   And the danger isn't over - Rai is now on a quest to put a final end to the threat of "Father," and he's joined on his journey by the enigmatic and deadly Raijin, his younger "brother" (sorta kinda).

   The series is sharply written by Dan Abnett and the art by Juan Jose Ryp is terrific, loaded with great character and environment designs and lots of George Perez / Art Adams-style attention to detail.

   This issue is a great start to the series. Highly recommended!

Grade: A



Kevin Findley said...

Good to see Valiant moving forward.

Didn't Dark Horse pick up Magnus in 2010? I haven't seen anything from them in at least five years I think.

Chuck said...

Kevin, yes, Dark Horse had the character around 2011, but Dynamite was the last to tackle him (and the other Gold Key heroes). Sure would like to see them back in action!