Thursday, November 7, 2019

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

 As a fan of this series since the early 1960s, I'm glad to see return of the team from the future.

   And this appears to be a clean reboot for the Legion of Super-Heroes, with a new look for the characters, some new faces added and a new "look" for the world of the future.

   We see it though the eyes and experiences of Superboy - but instead of the young Clark Kent, this is the "modern day" Superboy - Jon Kent, the son of Clark and Lois, making his first trip to the 31st Century.

   That's a clever way of bringing us up to speed without completely overwhelming us. We get some action, a few mysteries to solve, and more superheroes than the average maxi-series could contain - but they're rolling out the introductions slowly.

   The artwork by Ryan Sook is terrific, giving us an "updated" view of the future, the costumes and characters involved. 

   So far, I'm very optimistic. This series has failed in the past, largely crushed under the weight of so many characters and so much history (not to mention thematic changes in style). 

   With a fresh start, the future looks bright for the Legion!

Grade: A



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