Saturday, August 24, 2019

Superman Year One #2

   I liked the first issue of this series of graphic novels telling the story of Superman's first year (and it takes a new approach to that well-worn topic).

   The second one I'm not so sure about.

   It finds young Clark Kent joining the U.S. Navy, and at first that seemed a logical choice. After all, lots of farm boys have used military service to see the world.

   But instead the story takes an odd turn into the world of fantasy, as Superman (whose costume shows up almost out of nowhere) encounters a mysterious race and finds himself fighting to save a (you should excuse the term) damsel in distress.

   The art is really impressive as John Romita Jr. and Danny Miki craft some amazing images - but it's the story by Frank Miller that doesn't hold together.

   Clark's attitude while in the service, his eventually fate and the fantasy turn all seem to work against the "real world" feel of th first issue.

   The first issue worked for me - this issue, not so much.

Grade: B-


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