Tuesday, June 18, 2019

This Love So Brief

   This comic lured me in with its cover - which, to be fair, is misleading.

   It gives the impression that This Love So Brief is a fantasy-based comic - but it's actually an autobiographical, real-world series of essays by writer and artist Fred Chao. 

   And guess what? It's wonderful!

   It's a "warts and all" recollection from past relationships, friends and family - and struggles with life issues including the artist following his muse to create comics, being able to earn a living, romance and health issues (to name a few).

   His storytelling is heartfelt, touching and laced with some lighthearted moments. (I assume these are true stories from Chao's life. They certainly "feel" real.)

   I love the art style, too - it's light and unique, offering a stylized look at the world and the people who fill out each story. It's a perfect match for the storytelling involved.

   There aren't enough comics like this, and this deserves your support. Recommended!

Grade: A-




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