Friday, June 21, 2019

Lab Raider #1

   Some comics star heroes, some have anti-heroes, and others are a bit harder to pin down.

   I'd place the protagonists of Lab Raider in that last category.

   It's focused on two women - Sarah and Jeanette -who are performing a destructive raid on a laboratory that experiments on animals.

   And you could certainly make a case that they're doing the right thing, even if it includes property damage and vandalism - because they're supporting animals who have no defender.

   But there's a lot more going on here, including flashbacks to an odd sequence where the women confront two brutal hunters, and the tragic results of a trip to New York.

   The comic also manages to include some horror and science fiction elements, too, so you get a lot of bang for your buck here.

   There's still more to be explained as this series rolls on, and hopefully future issues will clear things up - but this is a powerful start to an unorthodox series.

Grade: B


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