Friday, June 14, 2019

Event Leviathan #1 (of 6)

   This is (I believe) the first "Event" comic writer Brian Michael Bendis has created since his move to DC Comics - conveniently, the title of it is Event Leviathan.

   It promises to be the kind of large-scale story such events require.

   A mysterious entity known as Leviathan has violently taken out every covert operation in the DC Universe, including ARGUS, Kobra, Task Force X, D.E.O., and Spyral - all virtually at the same time, using a strange destructive force. 

   The story spins out of Superman's comic, but he's not in this issue - instead, the search for Leviathan's identity falls on several of DC's non-powered heroes, including Batman, Green Arrow, the Question and Lois Lane.

   The art is by Alex Maleev, and it's wonderful, mood-drenched work.

   The mystery is a challenging one, with lots of interesting twists and turns in this issue alone. 

   More than any other Event in recent memory, I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes!

Grade: A


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