Monday, February 18, 2019

Thor #10

   Yeah, I really didn't like this issue.

   As a fan of Thor since I was a tot, it's difficult to admit that. 

   I love the characters, I love the setting, I love the incredible potential in each story.

   And then I read this issue. 

   See that cover? It's lovely - a father and son sharing a drink together, smiling. I would love to read that story in a comic book. But nowhere inside this comic does that moment appear.

   Instead, Thor and Odin meet, share harsh words, and spend the rest of the issue brutally beating each other up. And I do mean brutal, with words that hurt and blows that cause serious damage.

   We see Odin's inner dialogue, but get no sense of why someone so smart is incapable of talking to his own son. 

   It's just combat for the sake of providing an action sequence for this otherwise lightweight outing. The characters are unrecognizable.

   Perhaps it bothers me because I wonder how someone who suffered at the hands of an abusive father would react to this issue. 

   Or perhaps it's just that I miss my own wonderful, amazing father - I'd give anything to be able to have one more conversation with him - preferably over some cold beer.

   So, anyway - can't recommend this one at all. 

Grade: D


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