Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor #4

   When your villain is a hoarder, you run the chance of stinging some of your readers (not that I would react that way, of course).

   But since this is a Doctor Who adventure, The Hoarder is stealing items from across time and space - and forcing others, including children, to do his dirty work.

   So The Doctor and her companions have a lot of ground to cover - antidotes to concoct, children to rescue, and villains to defeat - all done with intelligence and wit (you know, like the TV series).

   It's a fun wrap-up to the story - which goes right into my collection. (There is a difference between a collector and a hoarder, right? Right?)

Grade: B



1 comment:

Kevin Findley said...

It's all fine unless you refer to him as the Collector. Then hoards of flying monkey lawyers dispatched from Anaheim will swoop in and take everything.