Friday, January 11, 2019

Young Justice #1

   As a fan of the original Teen Titans, I'm happy to see the return of that concept (young heroes / sidekicks unite to form a team) in the form of Young Justice.

   Happily, this issue doesn't bother with wading through a lot of backstory. We get a glimpse into the dimension known as Gemworld and jump right into an invasion from that realm into the middle of Metropolis.

   Superman is absent, but other heroes happen to be in the area, and they rise to the challenge. The lineup include Robin (though I'm not sure which one), a reticent Wonder Girl, a happily returned Impulse, and new faces Jinny Hex (apparently a descendant of a certain western bounty hunter) and Teen Lantern (you read that right). 

   It's mostly an action-fest, as the team faces some high-powered opposition - and we get lots of clever character interaction along the way.

   It's written by Brian Michael Bendis with a wonderful, breezy style, and the art by Patrick Gleason is powerful and bright, with loads of energy on display.

   It's a strong start for this restart of the team, and one of the first titles from the new Wonder Comics imprint from DC.

    What can I say? I liked it!

Grade: A-


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