Sunday, January 6, 2019

Heroes in Crisis #4 (of 9)

   This is another series that seems to be speaking to me. 

   It's saying, "Chuck, it may be time to stop buying comic books."

   I know that if super-heroes were real, suffering from on-the-job stress (or literal Crisis Event strain) would be actual problems.

   But comic book characters aren't real, and trying to burden them with this degree of real-world angst is just... depressing. 

   Which is not what I read comics for.

   Heroes in Crisis ups the ante by making the apparent goal of this series a brutal one: an attempt to wipe out the original Teen Titans.

   So it starts with the former Aqualad (modern name Tempest) drowning his sorrows in a bar, and Donna Troy carrying him home when he can't walk. Keep in mind that the series has already depicted the apparent deaths of Wally (Flash) West and Speedy

   The investigation into the deaths of several young heroes continues, and Batgirl and Harley Quinn have an... odd... moment together.

   I dread the storylines that will spring out of this series. Opiod addictions! Political disputes! Climate change debates!

   It makes you long for the days of Kanjar Ro and T.O. Morrow...

Grade: C



Mr. Brooks said...

This story only exist to make Tom King happy. Either that or DC has learned nothing from Identity Crisis.

Anonymous said...