Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Doomsday Clock #8 (of 12)

   I am more convinced with every issue that this series is not taking place in the DC Universe (whatever that is these days).

   Doomsday Clock is a mash-up of the Watchmen Universe and DC's, with the result that the story is dark and deadly.

   So heroes lose control and threaten innocents, real-world politicians get involved, conspiracy theories (especially the one that centers on Superman) threaten to destabilize world governments, and that's just the beginning of the strange events that are building to a deadly showdown with the mysterious Dr. Manhattan.

   Presumably the series wants to unsettle the reader, and in that it succeeds wildly. 

   I have no idea where writer Geoff Johns is heading here, and that's good - but I don't care for the mud it's throwing on DC's heroes (and supporting characters), who are behaving in strange and unexpected ways. The art by Gary Frank is raw and real - very powerful and effective.

   I'll be tuning in, but I can't give this series a whole-hearted recommendation. DC's comics were designed to be for all ages, and this series breaks that mold into a zillion pieces.

Grade: B



Hoy Murphy said...

I'm not reading this or any other DC series except Hawkman and The Incredibles, but from your description it sounds like this should be considered the same as the recent DC/Hanna-Barbara team-ups. Only without the fun.


Chuck said...

Ha! Good point - this series is definitely anti-fun. (And I think you mean the Terrifics, right?)