Thursday, November 1, 2018

Heroes in Crisis #2 (of 9)

   Writer Tom King seems to have a knack for getting my hackles up.

   He did it with the first issue of Mr. Miracle, and he's done it again with Heroes in Crisis.

   By the second issue of Mr. Miracle, my opinion started to turn around, and I now anxiously await the final issue of that series.

   So far, this series still has me in the "riled up" category.

   That's because it started off with my least-favorite technique for drumming up interest: with the death of key characters (including heroes and villains). 

   Then it adds an absurd premise: that a safe house exists where heroes and villains can go unburden themselves and discuss their darkest secrets. What hero would reveal his or her identity and discuss their darkest secrets in such a place?

   And then we have the mystery of who committed these murders - is it Harley Quinn (here back in her original costume) or Booster Gold (who's acting wildly out of character).

   So there's a lot to sort out, and confrontations to play out (also in very improbable fashion).

   I do like the art by Clay Mann and Travis Moore, but the story just feels like it's held together by scotch tape.

   There's still time for King to turn it around - but he's got a long way to go.

Grade: B-



Anonymous said...

Yeah. I think I'm done with it. Bought 1 & 2. Meh....

Anonymous said...

I wish King would stick with each scene a little longer and not feel the need to cram so many in (and jumping around) each issue. Let the tory breath a little. And he's been reading too many Bendis comics because that Lois Lane scene was right out of the Bendis playbook.