Thursday, November 22, 2018

Archie #700

   It's kind of a weird time for Archie.

   After more than 70 years of comics in a (for lack of a better term) comical format, Archie's comics have dabbled with a more realistic format - most successfully with the recent stories by writer Mark Waid - and then the Riverdale TV show became a hit, with its darker and adult / teen-focused tales of romance and danger.

   This issue brings on a new creative team - writer Nick Spencer and artist Marguerite Sauvage - and their style leans toward the TV show, and less toward the classic comedy format. 

   It's a good first effort, as it gives us a classic "end of summer" story. Most of the gang has been away from town for the summer, having adventures - so it's fun to see what they've been up to. 

   But there's a bit of mystery, too, as we discover Jughead's surprising new pursuit - and we uncover a big secret that Archie is hiding.

   I admit, I'm "old school" when it comes to Archie and his friends - I much prefer the classic approach (the one honored on that Mike Allred cover above), where the focus is more on humor and fun rather than soap opera-style shenanigans - but the "Archie" concept is certainly adaptable enough to work in this modern style (as well as for horror and any number of others).

   If you enjoy Riverdale - or the recent run by Waid - then you'll enjoy this.

Grade: A-



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