Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Lost Fleet: Corsair

   Ah, that's the stuff!

   As a longtime fan of space opera, reading The Lost Fleet: Corsair is like visiting an old friend.

   It's a classic science fiction story that focuses on the human element, rather than strange aliens and fantasy technology.

   The story centers around a war between the worlds of the Alliance (which includes Earth) and the alien Syndicate.

   When a key battle between the two ends in defeat for the Alliance, the crew of the battle cruiser Repulse sacrifice themselves to allow the fleet to escape. Most of the crew is taken prisoner, including Captain Michael Geary.

   When the war finally ends, the prisoners are supposed to be released - but the Syndicate breaks its word. 

   Geary and his crew are given an opportunity to escape when a rebellious group of Syndicate warriors offer to help them - if they can pilot a Syndicate cruiser.

   What follows is a lot of military combat, starship battles and war strategy - and if it all feels a bit like Star Trek, there's nothing wrong with that.

   Writer Jack Campbell creates some terrific characters on both sides of the equation, keeps the story crackling along and gives us plenty of science fiction concepts to chew on.

    The art is by Andre Siregar and Bambang Irawan, with colors by Sebastian Cheng, and it's powerful stuff, balancing a small army of characters and keeping them distinct, crafting amazing environments and space battles.

   It's a lot of fun and a strong chapter in the ongoing Lost Fleet series - recommended for any fan of science fiction (and Trekkers in particular).

Grade: A-


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