Sunday, October 14, 2018

Superman #4

   The Man of Steel continues to flourish with cosmic-sized adventures, tempered with down-to-Earth emotional content.

   This issue of Superman finds the entire planet in a very bad place. 

   The Earth has been transported to the Phantom Zone, and the effects have been catastrophic. 

   Illness is rampant, the atmosphere is breaking down, and its heroes are falling apart.

   And just to amp up the tension, Earth is under attack by an army of Kryptonians, led by Superman's newest and most powerful opponent.

   How can Superman hope to survive? That's what makes it interesting - and it's great to see the source for the idea behind his strategy. 

    So it's another excellent issue from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ivan Reis - they have this series cooking on all burners!

Grade: A


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Mr. Brooks said...

Gotta tell it true. SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS are seriously kickin' tail. Having so much fun!