Friday, September 7, 2018

The Avengers #7

   This issue of The Avengers, it should be noted, has no actual  Avengers content.

   Instead, it offers an origin story for the prehistoric version of the Ghost Rider, a character who first appeared a few months ago as a member of the ancient version of the team, which included Odin, Phoenix and a few others.

   This isn't a bad story at all, though it's mighty grim - there are lots of evil characters on the prowl in the Earth of a million years ago, but not much evidence of the forces of good.

   And I may be wrong, but the ancient Ghost Rider gets his power from a different source than the modern-day version.

   At any rate, hopefully future issues will contain more adventures starring the team whose name is up there on the top of the cover.

Grade: B


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