Sunday, August 26, 2018

West Coast Avengers #1

   This new version of West Coast Avengers is a somewhat-disguised continuation of the most recent (and pretty darn good) Hawkeye series (which mostly starred the Kate Bishop version of the hero, with some cameos by the Clint Barton edition).

   But more characters doesn't always mean a better comic.

   This first issue is weighed down a bit by the convention of having to put together the team. Most team books take a deadly serious approach to that task, but here's it's handled in a much more lighthearted fashion.

   The team is an unlikely and somewhat surprising collection of heroes, sorta-heroes and brand new heroes.

   It's mostly played for laughs, and that's fine (though you have to wonder how the Avengers will feel about this bunch).

   It's a bit of a shaky start, but if you're looking for a book that balances heroism with humor, this should fill the bill.

Grade: B+


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