Sunday, August 19, 2018

Robotech #12

   Trapped behind enemy lines (in the heart of an alien spaceship, to be exact), how can the Vermillion Squad hope to survive?

   That's the challenge facing the heroes in the latest chapter of the continuing battle in Robotech.

   With terrific art by Hendry Prasetya and a fast-paced story by Simon Furman, this issue gives us a fast-paced adventure that's part jailbreak and part last stand against an overpowering enemy.

   (And there's even a little romance added in a quiet moment.)

   This comic is a dream come true for fans of the original series, but you really don't need to know the backstory to enjoy this one. 

   Good fun from start to finish!

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...

I think this one might be issue #12...

Chuck said...

Whoops! You're right, Anon - no idea how I managed that. I've corrected it, so now YOU look like the crazy one! (Thanks for the correction!)