Friday, July 20, 2018

The Life of Captain Marvel #1

   The hero known as Captain Marvel has wore many faces and undergone many changes over the years.

   Now, with a feature film starring her coming out next year, it's a good idea for Marvel to give us an honest-to-goodness origin story.

   (Although in some ways they might be better to ignore it, because boy, has Carol Danvers been through the mill.) 

   Originally conceived as a sidekick / love interest for the Free-born Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Carol was caught in the explosion of an alien machine and somehow gained superpowers. 

   So she became Ms. Marvel. Then she lost her powers to an attack by Rogue. Then she became Binary in the X-Men. Then Warbird in the Avengers. Finally, she took on the mantle of her (now deceased) love interest and became Captain Marvel - and happily, this one stuck.

   This thoughtful and personal story by writer Margaret Stohl bounces around between present-day struggles (as an Avenger and with her somewhat-estranged family) and her experiences in the past that shaped her.

   Two art teams provide the lovely, striking visuals - Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz and Marcio Menyz for the modern-day adventures, and Marguerite Sauvage for the flashbacks.

   It's a rather melancholy beginning to the origin story, and I'm not exactly sure what happens at the end of this issue (I love a mystery!) - but it's a strong story unfolding and well worth tracking down.

Grade: A-


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