Saturday, July 14, 2018

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest #1 (of 6)

   As the (apparent) last refuge of comics work by one of the industry's best writers  - Alan Moore - the appearance of a new issue of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen demands attention - especially since it's the final chapter in the series.

   The remarkable series, which posits that all fictional creations are real, has moved from the public domain world of the 19th Century into (nearly) modern times, which means the creators must be clever and discreet about the creations they include herein.

    So we see some cautious references to certain famous British spies (including several of them who apparently sport the same "Double-Oh" code numbers), a super-hero team that includes some analogs to certain well-known faces, and perhaps some classic British heroes mixed in as well.

   The government is trying to track down the final three members of the League - Mina Murray, Orlando and Emma Night. That trio is racing across lost lands and through ocean depths to try to find sanctuary.

   There's also a mystery involving a visitor from the future who hopes to prevent the end of the world - and much, much more.

   The art by Kevin O'Neill is stunning, and loaded with enough hidden treats and Easter eggs to keep you studying and re-reading the issue over and over.

   I hate to see the series end, but happily enough, it's promising a hell of an ending. 

Grade: A


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