Thursday, July 5, 2018

Justice League of America & Batman 100-Page Comic Giant #1

   There's a new source for comics in town!

   Starting this week, Wal-Mart has started distribution of four "new" monthly titles from DC Comics, each one sort of a throwback to the 100-Page Spectaculars so fondly remembered by longtime fans.

    They're apparently popular - I stopped by my local store and managed to pick up the last issue of both Justice League of America 100-Page Comic Giant and the issue dedicated to Batman - which means I've missed out on the issues starring Superman and Wonder Woman the Teen Titans.

   Like the classic versions, each issue is mostly reprints - but they're not "classic" reprints. They're actually reprints of the first "New 52" comics. The JLA issue includes the first Justice League "New 52" issue, the first Flash story, and the first Aquaman

   There is a new 12-page story included that features Wonder Woman and it's nice enough - but I admit, as a longtime reader, I was hoping for a wider range of reprints.

The Batman issue also includes a new 12-page story - this one featuring Batman, natch  - along with a reprint of the first issue of the beloved Hush series by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, and the first "New 52" issues starring Nightwing and Harley Quinn.

   At $4.99 a pop, you're getting a good bargain for your money - unless you already have those original stories, in which case it's a lot for a 12-page story.

   The trick, of course, is finding the comics. Happy hunting!

Grade: A-




-> Ray said...

I got my set last Friday. I think I will be dropping at least Teen Titans next month, and I may drop JLA, too, but I think I will give that one another month, at least.

Anonymous said...

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Hoy Murphy said...

I have those two plus Superman, but no Teen Titans. I've only read Batman so far, and I hadn't read any of these stories before since I gave up on the character and his family long before the New 52. I think the stories are okay, but the muddy coloring just about ruined everything for me. I don't know why people find this type of printing attractive. Also, Nightwing and Harley Quinn are not characters I enjoy reading.


Chuck said...

Hoy, I agree about the printing - and yes, the only Nightwing stories that interest me are the ones written by Chuck Dixon.