Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Jirni #5 (of 5)

   As we reach the conclusion of the latest adventure of Jirni, the story actually reaches a conclusion - though perhaps not the one readers are expecting!

   The title character is an attractive mix of magic (think Aladdin), swordplay (Red Sonja) and super heroics (She-Hulk).

   She has fought her way across a fantastic world filled with dangers to find her mother, who's a D'jinn - and being manipulated (along with a small army of D'jinns) into doing the bidding of a powerful evil magician.

   He's one of those villains who is so powerful that no one can stand against him - which makes the final chapter a bit cheap, all too convenient.

    But the art is great and the lead character is lovely - but if you're going to have a big build-up, you need a strong ending to pay it off.

   Here we just get... an ending.

Grade: B-



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