Saturday, July 7, 2018

Batman #50

   I admit to being a sucker for anniversary issues, so even though I haven't been reading the adventures of Batman for the last few years, I decided to pick up the big "Wedding" issue.

   Of course, I can't talk about the events therein much without giving away key story points (which is against the rules here), so let's focus on the fact that this takes a different approach than most wedding events in comics.

   The classic example is the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm in Fantastic Four Annual #3, conveniently reprinted this week. It featured almost every hero and villain (up to that point) in the Marvel Universe.

   But for the wedding of Batman and Catwoman, the creative team took a different approach, focusing almost exclusively on those two characters, keeping things "small" (in a good way) and personal.

   It manages a nice balance between wordplay by writer Tom King, powerful artwork by Mikel Janin, and stunning full-page panels by more than 20 top-tier guest artists.

   Since I haven't been reading the book, it was difficult to sort out what was going on here - and it certainly moves in unexpected directions - but it's an outstanding package and a unique chapter in the Dark Knight's life.

Grade: A-


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Mr. Brooks said...

All I gotta say is, King had better be playing the "Long Game" with this one.