Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tony Stark Iron Man #1

   So here's what has had this long-time fan scratching his head for years now (no wonder I'm going bald): Marvel has these hugely successful films, but the comic book version of the characters seem to bear little resemblance to the film version.

   Robert Downey, Jr., for example, has crafted a wonderful character in his Iron Man - smart, funny, fast on his feet, handsome, suave - the guy everyone wants to be. 

   But for years now the comic book version has been more of a tragic figure - or largely absent. Stories have wandered afield with questions about Tony's parentage, him being in a coma, a substitute Iron (Wo)Man taking over - you get the idea.

   Happily, with this new issue #1, the creative team - writer Dan Scott, artist Valerio Schiti and color artist Edgar Delgado - have brought new life to the character. 

   Tony is building a new team for his company, including some familiar faces and new ones. (I like the story being told through the eyes of a new character.)

   But he also gets to trot out some new armor designs as he fights an old foe - and another classic opponent looms in the background.

   It's a fresh, fun start to the new series, and a welcome return to basics for the Armored Avenger, who meshes nicely with his film counterpart. Finally!

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...

You want the comics to be more like those high maintenance and yet low actual content films, why?

Chuck said...

Good point, Anon - comics and movies are two different mediums, so it's difficult for one to mirror the other. But I do wish the comics would follow the film model and streamline some of the excess baggage - and make the comics more fun. A mix is fine - some tragic tales, some uplifting and heroic - but the comics have been a one-note affair for too long. (This is obviously my opinion - your mileage may vary.)