Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thor #1

   Finally, Thor has his name and his comic book back (which is pretty amazing, considering the high-profile success the character has enjoyed in the Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity Wars movies).

   The story by Jason Aaron has the Thunder God cleaning up the mess left behind by the destruction of Asgardia at the hands of Mangog - so he's tracking down lost items of power.

   That brings him in conflict with one of Marvel's most powerful villains - and Thor isn't quite back up to full power, because another item lost was his hammer, Mjolnir - so he's looking for a replacement.

   The issue keeps things rolling along, bringing us back up to speed on the War Between the Realms, which threatens to spill over onto Earth.

   The art is by Mike Del Mundo with color assists by Marco D'Alfonso, and I have to admit - I've conflicted on it. 

   Del Mundo's painted style is really lovely - soft and striking, and I like it a lot - but it doesn't feel like a good match for Thor's adventures, which should be big and bold and dynamic. 

   The issue also includes a backup story set in the far future with ancient Thor and his daughters facing a galactic threat.

   Thor has always been one of my favorite characters, and I'm very happy to have him back in action - but this series is still carrying a lot of baggage from the previous series (did he ever stop being "unworthy?"). 

   Hopefully they can wrap those threads up quickly and move on to something fresh.

Grade: B


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