Friday, June 1, 2018

Doomsday Clock #5 (of 12)

   I admit it - Doomsday Clock continues to mystify me.

   Is it taking place in the DC Universe? It sure doesn't feel like it. 

   This feels like the DC Cinematic Universe, where all the stories are dark and dreary and hopeless.

   There's lots of death and dismemberment. Only Superman seems to be acting in character, and even he's a bit suspicious. Batman isn't his usual super-competent self. And I'm not crazy about a time-honored character like Perry White saying "Goddamn" to Lois Lane.

    The problem is that, in merging the two universes - Watchmen and DC - the latter has changed to match the former. 

   So it's grim and gritty all the way down.

   To be fair, the story is building nicely, with a growing sense of danger and an inevitable confrontation on the way. The art is tremendous - detailed and moody and very affecting.

   But I'm not convinced it's worth the price of how it's changing the DC characters. We'll see.

Grade: A-


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El Vox said...

Yeah I don't like the whole idea of profanity in comics wherever they appear, particularly if I had kids that wanted to read them. You'd have to read each comic before you could pass them along to your kid. Seems like they are writing them for the 18 and up age group, which neglects a lot of younger readers (not that aren't comics for them too).