Sunday, June 10, 2018

Brother Nash #1 (of 3)

   If you're looking for something unique, something with a southwest America flavor, something to challenge your imagination - then Brother Nash is a comic to watch.

    It starts simply enough, as a young man named Nashoba (he goes by Nash) is driving a big truck across country. He picks up a hitchhiker who's hiding a dark secret - and then things start getting weird.

   They encounter ghosts, monsters, and most terrifying of all - the truth!

   You actually get two stories in this issue, as the second takes Nash to a friend's ranch. She and her father are being threatened by a murderous gang - and the gang has some high-powered allies.

   Both stories are loaded with humor, mystery, horror and a great sense of friendship and family.

   The art and story are by Bridgit Connell, and the comic offers a fresh look at some old Western myths - mixed with the mythology of the open road. 

   It's a fun, fresh start, and well worth a look.

Grade: A-


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