Friday, June 29, 2018

Bane: Conquest #12 (of 12)

   (Man, is that a terrific cover or what?)

   Sad to see this powerful series come to an end, as Bane: Conquest wraps up with this issue.

   (Twelve issues in a year - you have to appreciate professionals at work.)

   This series has been a reunion between writer Chuck Dixon and artist Graham Nolan, two of the co-creators of Bane, Batman's most fearsome foe.

   (He's also the only villain to physically defeat the Dark Knight.)

   This series has presented a battle between Bane, his hired guns, and the deadly forces of Kobra - all over a baby, born to be the new leader of the cult. Bane knows that whoever possesses the baby has control over all of Kobra, and will become a nearly unstoppable force in the process.

   (Did you know that Jack Kirby created Kobra?)

   This final issue is an action-packed, slobber knocking feast, as the two armies shoot it out - and a certain hero turns up to join in the fun.

   (Dixon and Nolan do a fantastic job with the Dark Knight, which only makes sense, since they've crafted so many amazing Bat-stories.)

   With lots of twists and turns, terrific art and fight scenes galore, this series is ending on a strong note. Highly recommended!

   (And here's hoping that DC has the good sense to keep this creative team hard at work on more Batman-related stories!)

Grade: A


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