Sunday, June 3, 2018

2021 Lost Children #1

   If you like your stories about the future to be dystopian, here's the comic for you!

   2021 Lost Children drops us in the middle of a Civil War (of sorts) being fought in America - specifically, in the city of Detroit, which has broken away from rest of the country.

   The people who live there - including soldiers and well-armed citizens - are fighting to protect their leader, the powerful Ike Mercy.

   When a military invasion fails, the U.S. sends in a most unusual invasion force - a team of young children!

   They possess amazing powers, but there's a cost to using those powers, and they face many obstacles on the way into the city.

   The story's a bit twisty and takes a few odd turns, but the art is amazing, combining photo-realistic images with strong character designs and fluid storytelling.

   It's a story that's very different and a bit challenging - but it's certainly compelling. 

Grade: B+


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