Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Immortal Men #1

   Of the "New Age of Heroes" books from DC, the two I've been looking forward to the most are The Terrifics (which has been very good) and this title: The Immortal Men.

   The concept of immortality has always been a fascinating one, and the idea of a group made up of DC's immortal characters sounded promising.

   It didn't hurt that the issue was drawn by Jim Lee - though it's hard to tell what he did on this issue, as he is only credited as a "Storyteller" with Ryan Benjamin and James Tynion IV (with Scott Williams and Richard Friend inking).

   (But the art definitely looks like Lee's work.)

   Surprisingly, the series uses mostly-unknown characters.

   It focuses on a young man named Caden Park, who keeps having vivid dreams about strange lands and secret societies of heroes. But even though he's no hero and has no apparent powers, he seems convinced of his destiny.

   Perhaps my expectations were too high - but the issue was disappointing. The story's difficult to sort out, as we meet a steady rush of characters (mostly unidentified) and surreal situations - and we don't know how it all ties together.

    Hopefully future issues will clear up the confusion, but it all makes for a sluggish start to the series.

Grade: B-


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Anonymous said...

I found it kinda hard to follow. I wanted to like it, but it seemed rushed...