Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Survival Fetish #1

   Run for your life!

   Or at least for a living.

   That's the idea behind Survival Fetish, which focuses on the struggle to survive in a dystopia version of Honolulu, where marksmen take shots at anyone brave enough - or crazy enough - to venture out on the streets.

   But the danger creates an opportunity, as young runners like Saheer risk the danger to deliver goods in the city.

   Combining speed and agility, he's able to avoid certain death - and we see the lengths people go to in order to survive in a closed city.

   This is a comic for grownups, with adult language and brief nudity. 

   It's written by Patrick Kindlon and the art is by Antonio Fuso, and they offer up a unique, serious take on a dark topic.

Grade: B


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