Monday, April 9, 2018

Portal Bound #1

   Aspen's latest book is set in a world of fantasy that threatens to cross over into our reality.

   Portal Bound is an unusual tale that centers around Havos, a  fantastic world rocked by a power struggle.

   The discovery of a way to travel between that world and Earth offers a promise of hope - and help - but Earth isn't exactly brimming with warriors.

   A teenage warrior princess named Sybil does discover a source of help at the last moment - but it takes a surprising form.

   The art by Alex Arizmendi is vibrant and high-charged, matched well with vivid color art by Wes Hartman.

   In reading the issue, I had the feeling that I'd dropped into the middle of the story - but this is issue one, volume one. Perhaps it refers to a previous series?

   It isn't clear, and it makes for a story that takes some sorting to get up to speed - but for any fan of this kind of D&D / Game of Thrones-type adventure, this is a strong start to the series.

Grade: B


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