Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Farlaine the Goblin Book 6: The Winglands

   It's always a great week when we get a new chapter of the adventures of Farlaine the Goblin!

    That series follows the journey of a good-hearted Goblin who's looking for a place (and a forest) to call his own.

   After years of searching through all kinds of strange lands, he still hasn't found a new home - and he's running out of lands to search!

   But he has made some friends - and a few enemies - along the way.

   This book is the next-to-the-last chapter in the saga, and like the others - all written and drawn by "Pug Grumble" (I feel certain that's a pen name) - it takes Farlaine and his friends on a literal flight of fancy.

   That'a because they're visiting the Winglands, where everyone gets a special gift: their own set of wings!

   And while you might not expect to find a forest in the sky, you might be surprised (I know I was)!

   The issue features the return of a deadly enemy who threatens the existence of Farlaine's friends, Drowsy (a robot known as a Tink) and the small tree named Ehrenwort.

   It also features a surprise ending! Thank goodness the wait between this issue and the final chapter is a short one!

   This series is perfect for young readers - or those still in tune with fanciful stories, like the ones crafted by Carl Barks and Dr. Seuss!

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A



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