Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Avengers #686

   OK, I think this "No Surrender" series has officially gone too long.

   We're 12 issues into this Avengers saga, and it feels like the story is becoming secondary to all the side-trips and subplots that are woven throughout.

   The overriding story is a deadly game between the Grandmaster and another cosmic being, using the Black Order and the new Lethal Legion as pawns - but the Avengers are causing interference along the way.

   But they have a big problem of their own, as the Hulk is back from the dead (again), with a new ruthless personality that shows no signs of Bruce Banner at all.

   Just as it seems the story is about to wrap up, more complications are added in - and as a result, this series is wearing out its welcome.

   The quality has been high, considering its weekly publishing schedule - but it's certainly time to be wrapping up this sprawling tale before it completely spins out of control.

Grade: B





Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why I'm still buying this story....

Anonymous said...

...and B is too high for this series. Art is good and story is a muddled mess....