Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nicodemus Flynn

   If you're looking for a sprawling saga about monsters, demons and those who fight them, Nicodemus Flynn is one to watch!

   Weighing in at more than 160 pages, the graphic novel pits a grimly efficient monster-killer (Nicodemus) against an apparently indestructible demon that's cutting a swath across Europe while it seeks out a man with a mysterious past.

   The story follows a bit of a winding path to get where it's going, including a trip to the netherworld, rescuing a damsel who isn't quite in distress, bad guys who don't get along at all, and tracking down a particularly potent weapon.

   It's a solid adventure tale by Alex De-Grunchy, with the more-than-capable hero leading a small band against some dark and deadly opponents.

   The art is by Robin Simon Ng with color art by Robert Denton III, and it's strong work with great character designs, but it's just a bit stiff in spots.

   This is (I assume) just the beginning for the adventures of Nicodemus Flynn - one hopes it's not the last!

Grade: B+


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