Monday, March 26, 2018

Jirni #1

   Back again for a third round of adventures (and a new issue #1) is Jirni, a purple-skinned cross (sort of) between Red Sonja and the She-Hulk.

   Living in a primitive world, she searches for her mother, Queen Luna, who is actually a magical d'jinn - and who has been captured.

   As her quest continues, she finds herself caught up in other adventures - and in this issue, she comes to the defense of a small village of farmers who are being oppressed by a powerful bandit.

   That sets Jirni on a one-woman warpath to bring the bad guys to justice.

   The story by J. T. Kruhl is quick and efficient, with no wasted motion, as he cuts to the chase and allows his title character to demonstrate her power - and her compassion.

   The art is by Michael Sta. Maria with colors by John Starr, and it's striking, with powerful character designs and exotic locales.

   This isn't a comic for kids - Jirni is playing for keeps with some despicable characters - but it offers lots of twists and turns as she learns more about her mother's side of the family.

Grade: A-


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