Saturday, March 3, 2018

Jessica Jones #17

   The Jessica Jones comic seems to be the most personal comic written by Brian Michael Bendis (aside from his creator-owned work).

   He's wrapping up his run on the series with the next issue, which is all about a hero who makes Spider-Man look like the luckiest guy in the world.

   The latest in the string of horrible personal events she faces involves the return of the Purple Man, who made her life a literal hell when he hijacked her mind and made her a puppet.

   His powers have grown, and she's faced with a painful choice and an impossible challenge - how to stop an opponent who can't be hurt?

   It's a new and interesting take on the challenge, and her solution is certainly different.

   As always, the art by Michael Gaydos with color art by Matt Hollingsworth is stunning, intense and evocative of the real world.

   Bendis and/or Gaydos work in a number of gags, with "Traitor Bendis" and "Bendis Saves the Earth" signs planted in the background.

   With his departure, which will end up being true? Time will tell!

Grade: A



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