Thursday, March 8, 2018

Infinity Countdown #1

   Well, you can tell this is an "Event" comic, because - despite the actual exclusion of sound - the comic manages to be REALLY, REALLY LOUD!

   (Sorry for the caps.)

   The first issue of Infinity Countdown could just as easily have been an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, because (with the exception of the last two pages) it focuses on that team's efforts to protect some of the Infinity Stones.

   For example, Drax, who's guarding the huge Power Stone, works with a small contingent from the Nova Corps to fight overwhelming odds (and some downright terrifying creatures).

   The rest of the team is facing off against one of the former owners of an Infinity Stone - the deranged Gardener (he's a lot more dangerous than he sounds), who commands an army of giant plant creatures.

   So there are lots of explosions, big fights and blustering commentary.

   I have no idea where this is all heading, why the Infinity Stones are so easily gathered up by good and bad guys, and where some of the main characters who should be involved are hiding.

   Where are Warlock and Thanos? The Illuminati? (Wait, some of them are dead. I think.)

   I'm a sucker for Infinity Stones stories, so I'll hang around - but hopefully future issues will include more story and less volume.

Grade: B


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Anonymous said...

Much better than I expected....