Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Avengers #681

   I'm not a big fan of weekly comics, for reasons we've discussed before.

   But the "No Surrender" series has - so far - been a success, as it combines stories about all the disparate Avengers teams working together against a world-class threat.

   The story works because it takes a classic villain - the Grandmaster - adds in a new Challenger to his title - and pits two separate teams of bad guys: the new version of the Lethal Legion, and the Black Order, a deadly crew of aliens who usually work for Thanos.

    The story could easily have been just a slugfest, but there are added layers of mystery adding to the fun, including the puzzling history of Valerie Vector, whose origin we see here.

   The art has been a bit uneven through the series (the biggest disadvantage to a weekly comic), but the story has been a blast so far, with a non-stop series of events designed to keep the reader - and the heroes - on their toes.


Grade: A-


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