Tuesday, February 20, 2018

H. P. Lovecraft's The Grave

   No one did - or does - horror better than H. P. Lovecraft.

   The company Quiet Hell Comics brings one of H.P.'s smaller stories to life with the publication of The Grave.

   It's a "small" story that's loaded with chills. It focuses on two men - Nigel Webster and Albert Thompson - who undertake a terrifying mission.

   Nigel opens the concrete covering on a grave in a small rural cemetery - and he goes down the stairway beneath. He insists that it's not actually a grave - but a gateway. Nigel goes in, leaving Albert behind - and that's when the horror begins.

   It's an intelligent, heart-breaking tale of friendship and impossible choices.

   The adaptation is by writer Jason Browne, who captures the classic feel of the story with great skill, and artist Liam Naughton (with colors by Chris O'Halloran) has an expressive style that captures the era nicely.

   This is a terrific comic, and hopefully the company will craft more adaptations of classic horror stories in the future!

Grade: A


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