Sunday, February 4, 2018

Eternal: A Shieldmaiden Ghost Story

   Eternal is a powerful graphic novel that follows a village of Viking shieldmaidens - women left behind after their men go off to war and don't return.

   For these women, that is not acceptable, so they set out to find their men - or avenge their deaths.

   What follows is a story of revenge, a brutal battle for survival, and a surprising mix of magic and raw barbaric determination.

   Kudos to writers Eric Zawadzki and Ryan K. Lindsay for a moving, powerful story.

   Zawadzki also provides the art (with amazing colors by Dee Cunniffe), and it's very impressive - at times vicious, at times almost leisurely, but always in perfect service to the story.

   It's a tale that probably too rough (and sometimes heartbreaking) for young readers, but it's an impressive achievement and well worth tracking down.

Grade: A



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