Sunday, February 11, 2018

Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits #1

   Armstrong is certainly one of the most unusual heroes around (which is a tribute to his creation).

   He's an immortal (like his brother, the Eternal Warrior), but instead of devoting his long life to heroic pursuits he's more interested in having fun.

   Who could blame him?

   This story takes place in two settings - one, a Biblical event that, according to this issue, didn't exactly go according to scripture.

   Armstrong's role in that pivotal event - and his reason for gathering a group of friends / heroes / good guys - is mostly played for fun, though the story is loaded with lots of improbable events and the most ridiculous security system in recent memory.

   The story is mostly fun, but it's all pretty slim going. It's a one-off, a good laugh with good art - but that's about it.

Grade: B   


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