Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Secret Weapons #0

   Secret Weapons was a mini-series that delivered a strong story about some young psiots (superhumans) who had unusual powers - but managed to team up and defeat a deadly opponent.

   Valiant is following up that with a series of "prequel" stories, with the origins (more or less) of the characters involved.

   This issue focuses on Nikki, a lovely teenager who is lured to Harada's institute, leaving behind her typical teenager upbringing - but what follows is anything but typical.

   Her odd powers seem minor on the face of it - but they help her save her own life, and make a difference in the lives of others.

   Writer Eric Heisserer has crafted a sharp, real-life story (well, mostly) about a not-so-typical teenager and her extraordinary life.

   The art by Adam Pollina with color art by David Baron is wonderful - crafting a life story with skill and lovely depictions of characters and environments.

   This is a striking "done in one" story that tells a terrific story on its own - but it does work better if you've read the original series.

Grade: A


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